Artpapa and paintings in the night – my post there

Voices in the church

I wanted to share another WIP. It seems I have to work on rhis one before or inbetween the other WIP’s. I was asked if I still had this painting. While I just made a start when I painted ‘au plein air’ in the night of 19 july when in Utrecht the ‘churchesnight’was going on. This church was open the whole night and like the last year I sat painting there the whole night. I planned to make an impression of that night, when people could come and go into the church from evening till morning. Starting with an open rehearsal (study the music they always do but this time in public) of the church choir. Also there was discussion organised after that. And music, with tibetan scales, and sacred dance and prayers in the morning, I wanted to paint my feeling with the liberal church this is. But thought there was no hurry.
Now.. I received an email that they where thinking of this painting, to buy it from me to give as a birthday present to our condeuctor / organplayer of this church She will be 50 in september.
Nothing is decided yet but they asked for the price. I told them the painting is still unfinished, and that I am a bit scared for the time period. ( must be finished setember 20th 2009.) But that I am willing to sell, and that I love the idea of making it a gift for our musician and cunductor and organist Gonny van der maten.
I was told there will be a decision later when some people have spoken about my reply. I gave a price indexation and that I still must work on it.

so……….. the WIP’s untill now.

Bottom of the columns are sure not right in perspective. But there will be stuff over it also and I am just blocking it in a stronger way. Colours are also much to bright right now. That will change. Even the realistic aspect will be a bit off reality. I wanted to express the voices in the church; talking and singing and humming so to speak in coulors and ‘waves’. And I want to do something with the light that comes in from outside the painting through coloured windows on the columns. To add a touch of athmosphere in it that reflexts my feelings of the possibilities in the church. Humanbeings, meeting and sharing in the church. I do not excactly know how, but it needs to come in when I glaze. Or I might purposely disturb some of the colums. As if waves are comming in the space.

I saw that the upper left perspective might not be right. I want to alter that part.

And I’ll show you what I saw when I started the painting. The people at the far end left are the people I saw later.
I do not know hoe to make the chairs yet. They must not be drawn TO detailed. I even had the feeling of an field of corn about them I even considered painting them like corn.

I’ll post some photo’s from the start viewpoint.


Over camphuijsenart

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