Kleurencirkel, colourcircle

Een reactie op iemands vraag over kleurencirkels, in Artpapa. Ik bedacht dat het ook wel leuk was om mijn tekst in mijn online atelier te plaatsen.
Ik zal er later nog wel eens aan schaven en er een tekst van op mijn website maken. Voor nu, de tekst zoals ik hem uit de losse hand schreef. aangezien ik ook graag verder wil met schilderen voor het donker wordt.
In response to a person’s question about color circles, in Artpapa. I realized that it was also fun to add it to my text, in my online workshop.
I will still be able to pick it later, in order to refine it and make it a text on my Web site. For now, the text as i wrote it from loose hand. Since i also would like to continue painting, before the evening falls and before it gets dark.
Hi Reinhard,

I do have another interesting alternative and unusual method to find out, what the complementairy colour, in fact, excactly is. I have studied colours very intensively several years ago. I might put a picture of the result in heresome day also, but in that case I need to take a good photo of the weels I created. I really had a colour madness (haha) for some months.

I painted a coulourwheel myself doing it this way.
I picked 3 primer colours and painted it in a triangle on a circle. Then. listen, !! I looked at each colours one by one very concentrated, while doing this in good daylight. Then I used a black vorgin blanc paper and looked upon that paper immediately after say 100 counts. And you’ll see what happens, our mind always is looking for harmony and since a coulor is only a part of the total of colours the mind our wonderfull brilliant mind, created a compliment of the colour you where looking at and compensates the lacking colors in the part you see.
When you look up on the blanc paper, your mind will project the missing colours on the white. The compliment colour will appear.

So I stared at the colours of the wheel, one by one and let my mind create the compliment on the white paper. This way I found the complementair colour and I mixed it with my paint. This way I created a full circle. It is amazing, really!!

I’ll take a picture of that wheel. You’ll see.

But try it. Focus at some color, after that focus on a blanc sheet and the complement will appair.

These days I also studied Itten colour theory which also includes some psychological thoughts.

second post:
Oh and I opened that large folder again and found all kind of fun stuff from the past back..
Like here, look this is what I made after my colour study with paint. I mixed colours optical. And like in my last circle with paint, I combined the circle with the zodiac also and here I combined the loop of the moon during advent. The period pre- to christmas. It should be opened on the fisrt day in the advent period, which in fact differs from year to year. Depending on the position of the moon through the Zodiac signs.

I’ll show front and back side.

Hi hi, cross posting.. while I was taking pictures of the advent calender.

Oh and at the christmas days it was meant that the middle circles should be opened, because full light contains all colours and the light is born again with christmas.

I had some years that I did it some advent periods after another that I made a new sceme for every year, and I searche cloths to put on according the colour of the day. That was fun. Also because some coulors where not the colours I would have chosen to wear if it was n’t for the position of the moon in that advent period.


I did it secretley, never told my family while dressing myself according the colour sceme. Only my kids where to open a circle each day. And every day there was more colour and more complete light.

The zodiac painted colour circle is a bit damaged. One could hang it on a wall, and it has 13 circles for each planet one and one for the earth and the moon was circling round the earth and all the planets can be placed as in a radix. By turning a planet wheel to the correct degree as in your radix (horoscope) and it will give a different color sceme for each individual.

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