>Damp and glazing post in Art papa

>Yesterday I took a half day from ,my work for myself. I received 2 free tickets for a huge important art market. Such place where “the money” goes and walks around.
I invited an art friend from Amsterdam and went to: http://www.pan.nl/ That afternoon.
Some paintings really inspired me to do my utmost best on this “Just a man” in Lesotho painting.
And Thinking what BA often is telling about depth and layers.. I decided to take my time and start glazing.
First I thought to put a better damp behind the horizon and over the top mountains.
Then I took the change, taking the risk of spoiling the lot, by glazing some thin ocker oranges and yellows over the soil.
Even over the grasses.
Then I focused on the fields in front of the damp mountains behind and started placing news soil structure in and paths.. just very thin and secure.. And yes.. I think, I like it.


Over camphuijsenart

Laat je inspireren en kijk mee in mijn atelier. Wil je daadwerkelijk een bezoek in mijn atelier brengen neem dan contact met mij op. Mijn atelier is vanaf 1 januari 2011 te vinden bij: Ambacht Ateliers Ambachtstraat 9 Atelier I 3732 CN De Bilt In de blog "Meekijken met Rita", post ik nieuwsberichtjes en uitleg over mijn schilder activiteiten. Werk in wording en dergelijke.
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