>10th Artmarket in De Bilt, Utrecht Netherlands

>Art de Bilt 2010Stand No 36 in Boetselaerpark to the Bilt.

Until late in the evening I continued with preparations for the sunny market in the Bilt.I managed to finish the work with the second CD to be ready for sale. Had already received the music tracks from South Africa but the numbers of the title songs of Rastamie did not match the tracks. With over and in return communicating through email and long live this digital communications technology I managed to produce a proper row. Saturday morning and packed bezakt first by bicycle and later with the cart and the help of a top neighbor went to the park. I almost had left the zebras home and did not include them in my collection, because it was too much for me to carry alone. But I had already put them at the site of the art market, so they should not be missing. This was a good decision, so when then finely Minoun wanted to help me, I could bring them with me. It was good because they attracted much attention.Narrowly finished decorating, I was ready at noon for the publicwhich in a constant flow entered the parc. I had no time to sit down because there was constantly people in front of my art, and mostly very interested. People stood there in attention, sometimes in double rows.Lets hope there are also some paintings on another wall to hang in the future. Then I sold a few CDs and some pictures of paintings. Next time, I will find another supplier for my photos and cards, because I gave away all the business cards, people took them. The last was a special question raised by a young woman who said she might call me in the future, because she wants to work with me in connection with a CD that they will bring out. Of course I did not come up with the idea or had no thought to write her name. But then she said, she will take contact me.It was sunny and warm, the sun all afternoon, but I turned my back to it, because I may not burn.I am still very contented.


Over camphuijsenart

Laat je inspireren en kijk mee in mijn atelier. Wil je daadwerkelijk een bezoek in mijn atelier brengen neem dan contact met mij op. Mijn atelier is vanaf 1 januari 2011 te vinden bij: Ambacht Ateliers Ambachtstraat 9 Atelier I 3732 CN De Bilt In de blog "Meekijken met Rita", post ik nieuwsberichtjes en uitleg over mijn schilder activiteiten. Werk in wording en dergelijke.
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