Rita Camphuijsen Art

043 MaanlichtFrom childhood always impressed by the world around her. A strong memory at a very young age, gave the need to early reflection through painting and drawing an image and displaying the impressions. Self taught she did early studies of things such as: technical perspective, anatomical proportions and color and material control. She drew whatever was in focus of attention, it was a pleasure to play and work on every piece of paper her daddy brought home. Later sculpting caught her attention with a focus of interest in organic forms and structures. And at the same time: making illustrations for magazines of a youth nature study association, and later in a home care organisation giving some sort of creative therapy. In a study of working with ceramics her need for sculptural and spatial working was fed.

She was really drawn to helping her fellow man and did so by Life counseling and giving psychological and practical support emphasizing independency and mobilization. Artistic activities were put on hold but creativity never disappeared and led all her daily activities.
There came a moment with more space and time for personal expression and less responsibility for others , Painting presented a way to process impressions and a platform to present and express herself. From this moment on she did not let go of art, and next to the field of social work she takes the time to relax and paint and uses the works of art for reflection and displaying impressions.
She now combines the interest for people of all cultures and with different passions with the inspiration by nature and the environment in which we live. On one side coaching people to see the positive things in their life and on the other hand sitting in front of the easel in silence to paint inspired, her own imaginations and enjoying what she saw.  To put it in some special compositions with sightings or encounters which pass through the surface of a painting. Sometimes dreams turn into daydreams which flow through brush and oil paint.
The paintings sometimes appear to be photographic for the eye of the beholder, but always the stroke of the brush is evidently visible in the oil.

People sometimes say, surprised: “It looks like a photograph.” But that has to do with Rita’s need for light and other elements like water and allowing nature to reflect in the work.
An example is the painting of a large full moon above an oceanic night landscape, an idea that she got while sitting daydreaming in her own home. All the memories of vacations, thoughts and symbolism flowed together into an idea. She hastily assembled reference pictures and composed a realistic landscape that in a fantasized image expressed the “need for reflection ‘and’ summarizing impressions’. With that effect, that the viewer of the painting is included in the story and experience: “As if they where there themselves.”
Rita was born in Amsterdam
On 3 September 1955
Lives and works since 2000 in De Bilt.
Since 2010 active in Craft Workshops and a member for several years of Kunstkring BeeKk

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